Marbella is a very popular tourist destination on the Costa del Sol and is Spain's answer to St Tropez! The locals might not agree, but their beaches don’t rival ours here down under (but we won’t tell them that)!

The sunrises from our balcony were awesome and spectacular! I did a sunrise shoot with the good camera, but the photos must have been the memory stick that I inadvertently formatted before downloading all the photos! But at least I have some phone shots to remind me!

The sunsets weren't bad either! Wish I'd been able to get out with my good camera, but we had conference and staff functions. I managed to capture this one while we were in Marbella for one of the conference dinners.

Looking west along the Avenida

Looking west along the Avenida

Old Town

Reminiscent of times gone by, the streets of Old Town are narrow and cobbled/paved, and clean! Streets and alleyways are flanked predominantly by whitewashed homes, galleries and shops selling everything you could imagine. It was noticeably quiet the day we were there - might have had something to do with being the middle of the day when most sensible people are inside having a siesta! It was full of atmosphere at night!

Tip! Wear sturdy, supportive footwear if you have problems with your feet!

Puerto Banus

Lifestyles of the rich and famous, or what? Holy moley! I can understand how it got its ‘playground’ tag! The rich and wealthy come here for the beaches, the clubs and the buzzing nightlife. Along the waterfront you’ll see international designer stores, luxury cars and yachts; if you’re lucky, you’ll even see a celebrity!

If you want to how the other half live, head to Puerto Banus for the day!

You can get there by road (it’s only 6km from Marbella town centre), or better yet, jump on the ferry. We taxied in and ferried back to Marbella. It’s nice and relaxing, and you get to take in the coast and the Andalusian Mountains rising majestically behind.

Between Puerto Banus and Marbella

Between Puerto Banus and Marbella

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The photos in this blog were taken using iPhone and Sony NEX-5N.

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