I first saw Devonport when I drove through to take night time cityscapes of Auckland from across the harbour. Although everything was closed, I knew I had to get back here in the daytime!

I had limited time in Auckland so needed to make the most of it. I meandered along the main street of Devonport visiting shops and boutiques, adding to the local economy along the way, I might add (I even gave back to the community by buying a couple of things from the 'Hospice Shop').

The Arcade

I visited 'BookMark', yes, as you would have guessed, a bookshop where 'quality secondhand and rare books are bought and sold'! I bought a 1947 edition of 'Of Wives and Wiving' (see Note 1). Can't wait to post a few little gems from that! If you visit Bookshop, tell Rob I sent you!



I went to the Naval Museum at Torpedo Bay and took a journey through time (see Note 2). The Torpedo Bay Navy Museum is a perfect place to learn about Devonport’s links with the New Zealand Navy. Wander through at your leisure, take a tour with an expert guide, or get the children involved in the museum gallery activities. 

If you're visiting Devonport around Anzac Day, Remembrance Day or other commemorative occasions, you will be able to pay your respects or place a personal tribute among the crosses of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country (see Note 3).

Devonport Field of Remembrance

I love architecture, and wandered the streets enjoying the many Victorian and Art Deco buildings.

The Esplanade Hotel

Elizabeth House

Beautiful house

This one was different to the rest

Post Office building

Victoria Picture Palace/Theatre

You are spoilt for choice with cafes, restaurants and bars for some much needed sustenance or refreshments. 

I wanted to get a sunset over Auckland from up on Mt Victoria (Signal Hill), however, they locked the gates too early, so I ended up with daytime shots (see Note 4).

Auckland from Mt Victoria at Devonport

There's so much more to Devonport than what I was able to squeeze in during my short visit. I hope to  get back there some day.


  1. Bookmark: 15 Victoria Road, Devonport. 'Of Wives and Wiving - A Manual of Instruction, Exhortation & Admonition gathered from Older Authors for the Guidance, Delight & Moral Fortification of Contemporary Readers' by John Buncle, Jnr.
  2. Naval Museum: this is quite a way from the town centre - consider the return journey before heading out. A car might be the best option. Entry is free, however, there is a donation box if you'd like to lend a helping hand to the museum's upkeep. There is also a cafe on site.
  3. Devonport Field of Remembrance: established for a short period each Anzac Day, Remembrance Day or other commemorative occasion.
  4. Mt Victoria / Signal Hill: Gates are open 7am-7pm (Winter) and 7am-8.30pm (Summer). You can walk up to the top or drive (limited parking). When I visited, the changeover to Summer hours was on 9 November. As a lone traveller, I wasn't prepared to park down below, lug my gear up and wait by myself for couple of hours for the sunset, then walk back down in the dark. However, if you have company, I would highly recommend you do. For more information, visit http://www.visitdevonport.co.nz/mount-victoria-walk.

The images in this post are comprised of shots taken on Sony a7R, Sony NEX-5N and iPhone 5S.

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